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Honey Producer: Philippas Baptistis Honey: a treasure trove of health and strength for a healthy life!

Since ancient times honey has been known to be a great natural product for nutrition, but also for many other beneficial properties, even in the treatment of wounds and diseases. As a purely natural, non-contaminated product, honey never fails and is the ideal sweetener for nutrition and health. If you look at the ancient historical sources, you will find plenty of information about the presence of honey in the diet of people, to all the peoples of the world. It is known the "bittersweet bread" of the ancient ones, which are some of the precursors of the present "donuts" and of cereal preparations mixed with honey, which in our day are the morning meals that are recommended by the modern nutritionists. Kythnos was famous for its two main local products: antique cheese and honey. The golden-red color with the delicate aroma of the Thyrani cyniotic honey surprised the foreign travelers passing through the island, so they mention it in their writings (Ross 1840). Today, honey is one of the main marketable products of the island. Thyme more but also thrumbi but also in the withers bees grazing producing the tasteful honey of the island. The collection of honey is called harvest and always starts in the summer usually in the middle of July.

Our products

has its own traditional products

Pastels for weddings with sesame and thyme honey Kythnos. Local capers and herbs collected by the owner himself, warm wine and handmade liqueurs.

At its production facility it has installed modern technical equipment and a shop. There, one can obtain the excellent honey and all its derivatives. (Royal Jelly, Pollen, Propolis)

Also the "stazi meli" store has its traditional products such as homemade preserves and jams and all the ingredients of Honey and the local fragrant candleand its soothing ointments.

Here one can obtain the excellent honey and pollen, propolis, honeycomb and the local fragrant candle and the soothing salves.a treasure trove of health and strength.